Why Choose Coshocton, Ohio for your business
Why choose Coshocton, Ohio


Dean’s Jewelry- A positive approach to life and business is one of the main reasons that Dean's Jewelry feels their business has been so successful.  "We feel Coshocton is a great place for our business because of the people who live here," says Michelle Turner from Dean's Jewelry. "Our town is very community oriented. It's citizens are loyal, and when there's a need the people of Coshocton respond.  We think it's important to help all our local businesses feel good about what they are doing so that we all do well. Honestly, our business has continued to do well even in this economy, and I think a positive attitude has so much to do with it."

Coshocton Port Authority  |  106 South Fourth Street, Coshocton,OH 43812  |   Phone: (740) 622-7005 

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